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600 years old!

That’s how old experts in the area estimate these cypress logs are. Below is a close-up of one of the logs.

Recently, the logs floated to the top of Horseshoe Lake at Newton Gray’s sawmill. Estimates are that the logs were cut after World War II from aged cypress dated some 600 years ago. Amazing!

So the question is – how to display such timeless treasures? One suggestion is to display the logs artfully in the future welcome center of Bryan Park, where they will safe from outside conditions and also readily visible to the public. Everyone agrees that this aged cypress is a Downsville-area treasure that ought to be preserved for posterity.

At the moment, we are very open to suggestions on this topic, so please post a comment if you have any ideas or input. The discovery has, to put it bluntly, sent the hearts of many naturalists and historians in the area all aflutter!

Many thanks,

Jennifer Reed, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer


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