Delta 10

AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) has been providing service at Bryan Park for the past two weeks and will continue until April 25.  The team  consists of 12 members from across the United States between the ages of 18 and 24.  They serve in 5 regions of the United States in communities, meeting needs in the areas of: disaster services; environmental stewardship; energy conservation; urban and rural development; and, infrastructure improvement.

AmeriCorps members have been cleaning old trails and clearing new trails the past two weeks.  Non-native species are being removed and native tree species are being planted.

Members also created a canal to help release excess rain fall to prevent flooding near the pyramid.

Team members will continue trail work and will be building a Japanese plank walk, a wetlands plank walk, and an observation bridge.


It is quiet in Bryan Park. Our AmeriCorps VISTA summer associates have left Downsville and the Louisiana Tech architecture students have returned to school. The park is closed until next spring when it will officially be open to the public.

Picturesque Bryan Park

Here are a few picturesque images of Bryan Park. To view a slideshow of how the park came to develop trails please visit the

Recreational Activities

There are lots of activities to partake in Bryan Park. Here are a few images of enjoyable times in the park so far. We are looking forward to when the park opens to the public and many can enjoy these fun activities.

Jaymes and Leigh Anne picnicking on the new picnic tables.

Bill canoes through a duck habitat in the pond.

Daniel and Cooper paddle out in the canoe around the pond.

Jeff Bryan grills cheeseburgers by the pond.

Cooper and Daniel and enjoy the swing they built together.

Shelby and Jen walk the newly cut trails around Bryan Park.

From left to right: Cooper, Kyle, Parrish and Leigh Anne relax on the floating dock which was built by Jeff Bryan.

Ali Schmierer, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

Bryan Park Development

Fabrice Tchouba is pictured holding the official Land and Water Conservation sign for Bryan Park. This sign was presented to Bill Bryan and Fabrice after administrative meetings concerning Bryan Park in Baton Rouge. This story was run in the Ruston Daily Reader in August.

The sign looks perfect in the entrance.

Bryan Park receives an brand new entrance gate that adds to the newly graveled road! It’s all coming together, easy accessible road, an entrance as well as new signage!

Ali Schmierer, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

As the summer comes to a close, Bryan park celebrates the hard workers and volunteers that helped develop the park. WIA (Workforce Investment Act) employees were Downsville locals and high school students who were given “green jobs” to work on the park over the summer. Jeff Bryan (aka Boss Man) led the group in creating trails through macheting and bush hogging. It was a lot of team work and physical labor but it shows as Bryan Park has begun to develop.

Pictured above are the WIA employees with their certificates of completion: Kyle Hicks, Leigh Anne Hooper, D’Marcus Griffin, and Parrish Brasher.

Byran park also celebrated the AmeriCorps Vista volunteers who were local university students from Louisiana Tech and Grambling University. The AmeriCorp Vista volunteers that finished their service are Jennifer Reed and Fabrice Tchouba. Jennifer kept up the blog and did research of Downsville’s history. Fabrice organized the accounting for the park. The six Louisiana Tech architecture students are continuing to work on completing the pavilion, the largest addition to the park. Bryan Park will be the first park in Louisiana with “green” waterless composting restrooms. It’s exciting that a park in a small community is so ahead of the times!

Pictured above with their AmeriCorp certificates is Victoria Christenson, Scott Dill, Jaymes Hanus, Brandon Mosely, David Suhren.

Pictured above is Bill Bryan making a speech at Bryan Park’s End of the Summer Celebration.

Ali Schmierer, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

Week 10

These are the journals compiled for the final week of service at Bryan Park, August 3 – August 7.

This summer was fun, challenging and long. Even though I didn’t like to work I did it anyways. I’ll miss everyone bunches! This final weekwas fairly easy and memorable.

Parrish Brasher, WIA Summer Youth

I have alrite summer even though it was hard, but I like the people I worked with. I enjoyed “killing that bear”* but it was bad times when I caught red bugs. It awas a great summer and I wouldn’t change it.

D’Marcus Griffin, WIA Summer Youth

Service is the gateway to success.

Fabrice Tchouba, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

*”Kill the Bear” refers to a motivational expression used often during a rough workday in the park. To kill the bear is to meet every challenge head-on and to keep working until the task is complete.